Couponing Success Coach

Couponing Success Coach

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm So Frustrated, Can You Change Him God?

Yelling and getting frustrated because the same thing keeps happening over and over doesn't really do anything but make matters worse. Cast your cares on God because he cares for you.(I Peter 5:7) Pray and intercede and let your request be made known to God, the MAN who has the POWER to change his thinking, and leave it with him. I made many appeals to God about my husband, especially in the beginning of the marriage, and he granted a lot of my prayers. But you may be surprised to find out that my prayers didn't start with CHANGE HIM LORD..... I asked God to change me if it was something in me that caused my husband to react a certain way. You may be thinkin, “Na'll she trippin...” But in fact I had to ask God to show me where I was out of pocket, and to get my heart right so I could pray for my husband. The Word says
Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.”
(Prov. 14:1) The biblical hebrew meaning of the word plucketh (for this particular scripture) means to pull down, or in pieces, break, destroy. The hebrew word for house means family. We can pull down, break, and destroy our family with our own strength. Ladies, this is important that you understand what's being said. We can ruin our family with our strength so we have to be very careful with what we say and do. This is the importance of asking God to show us where we are in error. Then we should begin to pray for our husbands.

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